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South Carolina: Study Examines Mindfulness Intervention Compared to a Breathing Control Among Cancer Survivors

Researchers from the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health and the Cancer Institute at Prisma Health have completed a Randomized Controlled Trial of a 4-Week Mindfulness Intervention among Cancer Survivors Compared to a Breathing Control. Their research was published in Cancer Investigation.

With this study, the researchers examined the effectiveness of an abbreviated mindfulness program on psychosocial symptoms, behaviors and inflammation. The randomized control trial included 36 cancer survivors.

The participants underwent a four-week mindfulness intervention, which was compared to a breathing control group. The researchers collected data using psychosocial questionnaires, anthropometrics, actigraphy and blood draws. This data was collected at baseline, after the intervention, and then at a three-month post-follow up appointment.

The authors found that compared to the baseline, the individuals who participated in the intervention displayed reductions in sedentary time and perceived stress and improvement in subjective sleep quality and daily steps at the post-follow up meeting.

They concluded that an abbreviated mindfulness intervention in feasible in cancer survivors and signs of efficacy warrant further mindfulness studies among this population.

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