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Member Research & Reports

Arizona Researchers Study American Indian Resilience in Elders

A study by researchers at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health examined American Indian (AI) elders’ resilience to support an intervention to build resilience among AI urban youth. The study was published in the journal American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research.

A literature review of peer-reviewed articles that address resilience in AI and other Indigenous elders yielded six studies that focused on intergenerational relationships, culture, and self-identity. In addition, a qualitative research project collected narratives with urban AI elders to document perceptions of resilience and resilience strategies.

The combined outcomes of the literature search and research project revealed how resilience is exemplified in elders’ lives and how resilience strategies are linked to cultural teachings and values, youth activities, and education.

American Indian Elders’ Resilience: Sources of Strength for Building a Healthy Future for Youth

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research