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ASPPH Addresses Gun Violence

This weekend, the lives of innocent people were shattered because of hatred by gun violence. Our community strongly condemns any act of violence against any individual or any community. Public Health is about respect, tolerance, and inclusion. We value the diversity that makes us strong and better together. On behalf of the ASPPH community, we wish to express our sympathies to the communities of El Paso and Dayton and our appreciation to first responders for their quick response as well as everyone who lined up to donate blood to help the victims. 

Clearly, hatred and gun violence are one of the major public health challenges of our time. Our community can, and must, continue to conduct research, educate and advocate for a world without violence. 

ASPPH is developing curriculum to address these fundamental issues in our schools and programs and we will continue to spotlight the role of academic public health, in all at our academic meetings. 

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