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ASPPH Fellows Present at 2016 APHA Annual Meeting

The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) annual meeting in Denver last week featured presentations from several ASPPH Fellows. The presentations reflected a variety of projects ASPPH Fellows are pursuing under their traineeships with partnering federal agencies. We are delighted that the fellows had the opportunity to showcase their work and highlight the benefits of ASPPH Fellowship Programs.

Presentations by ASPPH Fellows included:

ASPPH Fellows enjoyed their experience and the opportunity to present their work. They also obtained valuable feedback from attendees. “APHA is a wonderful platform to share the hard work of public health practitioners and it was a pleasure to participate with so many others who share the dream of health for all”, said Ms. Wizner. Ms. Ramnarayan stated “The poster presentation was a great way to receive feedback from people outside my agency on the research I’m working on. I received several questions about the limitations of the FARS dataset along with suggestions for other variables that could be considered in future studies”. Mr. Kinsman also stated, “Presenting on our research at APHA was a great opportunity to advocate for the integration public health, traffic safety, and emergency medical services.  There are several national-level EMS and injury prevention visions, including the EMS Agenda for Future Revision, Road to Zero and Zero Preventable Deaths After Injury, that are in the development stages and our poster presentation gave us a platform to advocate for the inclusion of the public health principles of social, income, and environmental justice into these national visions.”

ASPPH Fellowship Programs are a critical component to ASPPH’s commitment to promoting excellence and driving innovation in public health education, training, and practice.  The programs provide hands-on experience for recent graduates to apply their academic training to real world public health practice.  To learn more about our fellowship programs, please visit, or email