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ASPPH Hosts the 2019 Public Health Reports Partner’s Meeting

ASPPH hosted the 2019 Public Health Reports (PHR) Partner’s Meeting on March 22, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. The meeting provided an opportunity for the PHR editorial committee to discuss the past year’s accomplishments and challenges, latest communications trends, and publishing innovations.

Dean Donna Peterson, University of South Florida School of Public Health, and immediate past chair of the ASPPH Board of Directors, introduced Dr. Erica Schwartz, RADM, USPHS, the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States.  Dr. Schwartz expressed the Surgeon General’s appreciation for the hard work the PHR editorial committee and partners do on behalf of the journal and thanked them for their tireless dedication.

In attendance were PHR editorial committee members Dr. Frederic Shaw, editor-in-chief; Dr. Andrey Kuzmichev, managing editor; Dr. Hazel Dean, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Dr. James Buehler, Drexel;  Mr. Scott Burris, Temple; Dr. Amanda Cash, Health and Human Services (HHS); Dr. Zygmunt Dembek, Uniformed Services University; Dr. Isaac Fung, Georgia Southern; Dr. Russell Kirby, South Florida; Dr. Richard S. Kurz, UT Health; Mr. Tomas Lang, Lang Communications;  Dr. Lisa Lee, Virginia Tech; Dean Boris Lushniak, Maryland; Dr. Marlynn May, Texas A&M; Mr. Michael Meit, University of Chicago; Dr. Keshia Pollack Porter, Johns Hopkins; Dr. Beth Resnick, Johns Hopkins; Dr. Mark Robson, Rutgers; Dr. Betsy Thompson, HHS. Also in attendance were Dr. Janet Wright,  CAPT. Joel Dulaigh, Dr. Rochelle Rollins, and Dr. Jared Stokes, Office of the Surgeon General;  Dr. Michael F. Iademarco, CDC; Ms. Lauren Hunt and Ms. Alyssia Venezia, SAGE Journals; and Ms. Brandi Bryant Baker, KnowledgeBased Solutions; and Ms. Erin Williams, ASPPH.

ASPPH acknowledges the support of the Office of the Surgeon General and the CDC and thanks the attendees, moderators, and presenters for taking the time to attend the PHR Partner’s Meeting. Their commitment is paramount in our mission to grow and advance the journal.

[Photo: Deputy Surgeon General, RADM Dr. Erica Schwartz (center) and the PHR editorial committee and partners (left to right), Dr. Beth Resnick; Mr. Michael Meit; Dr. Amanda Cash; Dean Boris Lushniak; Ms. Erin Williams; Dr. Mark Robson; Dr. Zygmunt Dembek; Dr. James Buehler;  Dr. Frederic Shaw; Dr. Hazel Dean; Dr. Russell Kirby; Mr. Scott Burris; Dr. Michael F. Iademarco; CAPT. Joel Dulaigh; Dr. Andrey Kuzmichev; Dr. Marlynn May; Dr. Isaac Fung; Mr. Tomas Lang]

Public Health Reports is the official journal of the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General and the U.S. Public Health Service and has been published since 1878. The journal is peer-reviewed and publishes original research, reviews, and commentaries in the areas of public health practice and methodology, original research, public health law, and teaching at schools and programs of public health schools and teaching.”It is published bimonthly, plus supplement issues, through an official agreement with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. PHR’s mission is to facilitate the movement of science into public health practice and policy to positively affect the health and wellness of the American public.

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