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ASPPH Welcomes Kyric Livingston

Kyric Livingston started his information technology career shortly after graduating from Westlake High School in southern Maryland. He began at YearUp, a one-year, non-profit professional work program for the marginalized. He then earned an internship at a mortgage company in Tysons Corner, where he later started his IT career as a contractor. Kyric loves to tinker with projects and get to the root of an issue. He has always had an affinity towards technology. After three years of working for companies such as MedStar, Georgetown University, National Geographic and Dash in franchiser “The Wills Group,” Mr. Livingston has found his home at ASPPH.

When he isn’t working, Kyric occupies his time with his friends and family and loves the outdoors. He is not opposed to spending a whole day at a museum or in a nature park.