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ASPPH Welcomes New Public Health Philanthropy Fellow

ASPPH welcomes our latest Public Health Philanthropy Fellow, Ms. Grace Guerrero-Ramirez, who earned her MSPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Ms. Guerrero-Ramirez began her assignment with the de Beaumont Foundation on Monday.

The ASPPH Public Health Philanthropy Fellowship Program offers outstanding opportunities for early-career public health professionals to train at the de Beaumont Foundation on high-priority public health issues aimed at improving population health in communities served by the Foundation across the U.S . During the year-long fellowship, Ms. Guerrero-Ramirez will train under the guidance of mentors to learn about the field of public health philanthropy through active participation and deep practical application in the areas that include, but are not limited to, program development, strategic planning, grants review and monitoring, and data analysis and scientific inquiry.

“I saw the ASPPH Public Health Philanthropy Fellowship as a great opportunity to broaden my understanding of this field and build leadership skills,” says Ms. Guerrero-Ramirez. “I’m excited to experience the ways in which philanthropy drives change and innovation to improve health.”

ASPPH would like to thank our partners at the de Beaumont Foundation for their continued support of this important public health workforce development program.

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