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Member Research & Reports

AUB: Leads Study on Informal Healthcare Provision in Lebanon

Syrian healthcare workers (HCWs) are among those who fled the Syrian conflict only to face further social and economic challenges in host countries. In Lebanon, this population group cannot formally practice, yet many are believed to be operating informally. Given the presence of HCWs among Syrian refugees and the inadequate access to the formal health sector, the emergence of an informal network of healthcare provision among refugees would seem a natural response mechanism. These activities remain poorly documented and misunderstood by the academic, policy and humanitarian communities. Researchers from the American University of Beirut,  Imperial College London, University of Cambridge​, and Syria Public Health Network​ conducted a study entitled “Informal healthcare provision in Lebanon: an adaptive mechanism among displaced Syrian health professionals in a protracted crisis​”.

This exploratory study aimed to understand mechanisms of informal provision of services, the facilitators and barriers for such practices and to put forward policy recommendations for building on this adaptive mechanism based on the perspectives of Syrian HCWs providing care informally in Lebanon.

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