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AUB: Researchers Explore Use of Smart Devices by Healthcare Providers in Emergency Departments

​​The use of smart devices (SDs) by health​care providers in care settings is a common practice nowadays. Such use includes apps related to patient care and often extends to personal calls and applications with frequent prompts and interruptions. These prompts and interruptions enhance the risk of distractions caused by ​SDs and raise concerns about service quality and patient safety. Such concerns are exacerbated in complex care settings such as the emergency department (ED).

In this context, researchers from the American University of Beirut – Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), Graduate Public Health Program and the Faculty of Medicine at the American University of Beirut conducted a study entitled “The Use of Smart Devices by Care Providers in Emergency Departments: Cross-Sectional Survey Design.” The study aimed at measuring the frequency and patterns of SD use among health care providers in the ED of a large academic health center in Lebanon. The perceived consequences of care providers using SDs on provider-to-provider communication and the care quality of patients in the ED were assessed. Additionally, factors associated with the use of SDs and the approval for regulating such use were also investigated.

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