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Member Research & Reports

AUB: Suicidality among Lebanese adolescents: Prevalence, Predictors and Service Utilization

Suicide and self-harm in young people is a global public health issue, although epidemiological evidence remains scant in many parts of the world. In this context, and with research being one of the main components of the American University of Beirut – Faculty of Health Sciences, Graduate Public Health Program, researchers from the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine at AUB published a new study on “Suicidality among Lebanese adolescents: Prevalence, predictors and service utilization”, as part of a population-based mental health survey among children and adolescents conducted in the Greater Beirut area of Lebanon.

The study aims to describe the prevalence, comorbidity patterns, and the clinical and demographic correlates of suicidality among a representative sample of adolescents from Beirut, Lebanon. The findings of the study highlight an alarming treatment gap in Lebanese adolescents experiencing suicidality.

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