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Member Research & Reports

AUB: What Made Lebanese Emigrant Nurses Leave and What Would Bring Them Back? A Cross-sectional Survey by the American University of Beirut and Order of Nurses in Lebanon

The nursing workforce is critical for the provision of quality healthcare and positive patient outcomes. There is a global trend of migration of nurses from developing towards developed countries. Lebanon presents such a case as the country is witnessing a brain drain of the nursing workforce due to migration, leading to shortages in the nursing workforce in the country.

With the aim to better understand this phenomenon, a team from the American University of Beirut (AUB) led by Dr. Mohamad Alameddine, associate professor at the health management and policy department in the AUB Faculty of Health Sciences, Graduate Public Health Program, in partnership with the Lebanese Order of Nurses, conducted a unique study surveying for the first time 153 Lebanese nurses living abroad, all of them employed and working on full-time basis.

The research paper investigated the causes for the migration of Lebanese nurses and incentives that would attract them back to their home country. Looking at nurses working in the Gulf region (57 percent) and their peers who work in other areas around the globe, the study revealed that the top three reasons for leaving Lebanon were unsatisfactory salary/benefits (72.8 percent), better work opportunities in other countries (60.3 percent), and lack of professional development/career advancement (55.9 percent).

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