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Brown: Mortality for Patients Undergoing Dialysis in Puerto Rico Worse Than for Patients in Mainland U.S.

Researchers at the Brown University School of Public Health have just published a research letter in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases that outlines the results of their study that looked at mortality for patients initiating dialysis in Puerto Rico from 2006-2015. The study was led by Dr. Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez, an assistant professor of health services, policy and practice at the school.

Using data from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Renal Management Information System, they compared one year mortality rates and pre dialysis care among Hispanics in Puerto Rico and Hispanics and whites in the United States, all of whom initiated dialysis between 2006-2015.

They found that Puerto Rican Hispanics had higher 1-year mortality rates compared to Hispanics and whites in the United States. However, 1-year mortality rates, after adjustment, declined for all three groups as a whole. The authors suggest that these results may indicate differences in quality of care for Puerto Ricans or reflect lower funding for the island for Medicare and Medicaid, and say that more needs to be done to improve access to care for those with kidney failure on the island.

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