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Brown: Those Living with HIV More Likely to be Admitted to Poorer Quality Nursing Homes

Researchers at the Brown University School of Public Health have just published a study in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society which shows that people who live with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are generally admitted to nursing homes of worse quality than those without HIV. The study was led by Mr. David J. Meyers, a PhD candidate in the department of health services, policy and Practice with Drs. Momotazur Rahman and Ira Wilson as senior authors. This study adds to what little is already known about the care people who live with HIV receive in nursing homes.

The researchers used Medicaid Analytic Extract files to get data from nine states, from 2001-2012. The states included were states with high HIV prevalence – including Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. They compared the characteristics of nursing homes that those who live with HIV were admitted to, compared to the characteristics of homes that those without HIV were admitted to. They also compared characteristics between nursing homes based on their concentrations of people who live with HIV.

They found that residents with HIV are admitted to nursing homes of lower quality – that is they receive lower star ratings, higher readmission rates and survey deficiencies – compared to residents who don’t have HIV. Nursing homes with higher concentrations of HIV tended to be of lower quality than those with fewer HIV patients.

The authors suggest that more needs to be done in order to ensure that people who live with HIV are admitted to higher quality nursing homes.

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