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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

BU: MBA/MPH Students Reach Semifinals in Case Competition

Three students in the Boston University School of Public Health’s (BUSPH) dual-degree Management and Public Health (MBA/MPH) program reached the semifinal round of a Health Administration Case Competition, held February 28 and March 1 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ms. Susannah Rudel, Ms. Tricia Hartley, and Ms. Claire Doherty spent almost a month preparing for the competition, in which they were tasked with developing a strategic plan for the long-term growth of a Georgia-based community hospital. After studying the hospital’s financial history, operational model, and a community wellness report, the students prepared a 20-minute presentation of their recommendations to pitch to judges who serve in senior health administration positions. The team advanced to the semifinals based on criteria such as feasibility, creativity, and quality of the required deliverables.

The annual competition is sponsored by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System and draws students enrolled in graduate programs in health administration from across the nation.

“The competition was a really good learning experience that challenged me to think in different ways,” says Ms. Doherty.

All three students are studying chronic and non-communicable diseases at BUSPH; they agree their combined education of management and public health provided a valuable advantage over their competitors studying health administration.

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