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School & Program Updates

BU: Professor Launches ‘Return on Investment’ Tool for College Student Mental Health

A team co-led by Dr. Sarah Lipson, assistant professor of health law, policy & management at Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH), has launched a brief and a new calculator showing that investing resources in college student mental health more than pays for itself.

The brief and online calculator, developed in collaboration with the American Council on Education, use empirical data from the Healthy Minds Study.

“The economic case is very strong: for every dollar spent on mental health initiatives on campus (whether that be treatment or prevention efforts), we see roughly a doubling in the return on investment in terms of tuition dollars retained because of drop outs averted,” says Dr. Lipson, who co-leads the Healthy Minds Study and is associate director of the Healthy Minds Network. “The online return-on-investment calculator allows college administrators and others to customize the calculations based on their school’s tuition rates and several other parameters.”

Dr. Lipson and her colleagues created the brief and calculator to assist campus leaders in researching and advocating for more mental health resources. The brief offers several recommendations and actions colleges and universities can take to prioritize student mental health on their own campuses.

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