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BU: Professors Develop Practice-Based Teaching Website, Framework

As a mission-driven institution, the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) not only transmits knowledge to the next generation of public health leaders, it equips students with the practical skills needed to solve the most pressing public health challenges. And it’s the application of these skills that advances the school’s ultimate goal of creating a healthier society.

Now, two BUSPH faculty members have launched a website that facilitates and showcases student projects that tackle real-world public health problems in collaboration with partnering organizations all over the world.

Dr. Jacey Greece, clinical associate professor of community health sciences, and Dr. James Wolff, associate professor of global health, developed Collaborate Health as an online resource portal for practice-based teaching (PBT), a pedagogical approach that brings together students, faculty, and organizations to create evidence-based solutions tailored to an organization’s specific public health challenges.

To expand PBT beyond BUSPH, the website provides a first-of-its-kind framework called PBT STEPS, which instructors at other schools and universities can use as a guide to implement PBT into their own courses.

“Application is the future in all areas of higher education,” says Dr. Greece, who has taught the practice-based course Communications Strategies for Public Health. “Practice-based courses can and should be at the forefront of academia across the board,” she says.

“The organizations we’ve partnered with also benefit from the intellectual energy of students who provide fresh ideas and solutions to the problems they are trying to solve—and all for free,” says Dr. Wolff.

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