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CEPH Announces Round 4 Accreditation Criteria

CEPH released their fourth and final round of redrafted accreditation criteria for schools and programs of public health on Monday here. Comments are due to CEPH by the close of business on September 7.

The ASPPH Accreditation and Credentialing Committee, chaired by Dr. David Goff (Colorado), has been active in each of the three prior accreditation criteria review rounds taking place over the last 18 months, gathering feedback from the ASPPH membership on recommendations for revisions.

ASPPH’s CEPH councilors – Dr. Donna Petersen (South Florida), Dr. Iman Hakim (Arizona), and Dr. John Finnegan (Minnesota) – along with Ms. Ruth Gaare Bernheim (UVA) have engaged with ASPPH members in five webinars to date, taking in concerns and ideas about prior drafts of the criteria. Stay tuned for another open webinar to take place in August.

While over two ASPPH dozen work groups began the criteria review process in 2015, many completed their work in prior rounds. The following, remaining ASPPH work groups are preparing for email and/or conference call discussions this summer on the fourth and final set of redrafted accreditation criteria:

  1. Accreditation and Credentialing Committee
  2. Career Services Forum
  3. Data Committee
  4. DrPH Council (jointly with the Acad Affairs’ Section DrPH subgroup)
  5. DrPH Degree Framing Group
  6. Environmental Health Forum
  7. Faculty Affairs Leads
  8. Mapping Subgroup
  9. MPH Council (jointly with the Acad Affairs’ Section MPH subgroup)
  10. Practice Section

Contact Ms. Liz Weist ( to join the discussions, proposed another topic area, and/or to find out more information.

The internal ASPPH deadline for comments is suggested as Friday August 12. This deadline will permit Accreditation Committee and Board of Directors’ review of the proposed recommendations for folding into our final letter to CEPH as well as wide dissemination of the final draft letter to the membership for comment. ASPPH will revise the letter in time for submission to CEPH by their deadline, the close of business on Wednesday September 7.

Once this final commenting period closes, CEPH will finalize the new criteria, which will stand for the next five years. View CEPH’s initial implementation plans here.