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Partner News

CEPH: Updated Draft of Revised Criteria Available for Comment

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) invites comments on its proposed revised criteria for schools of public health and public health programs. Comments must be submitted using the designated form and are due by the close of business on May 16. The Council will review comments at its June meeting. Information on future steps and activities to date appear on the CEPH website.

Please share this invitation to comment with your colleagues. Comments from student, alumni, and practitioner perspectives are valued by the Council, as are comments from educators and organizations.

The Council’s three major aims in this criteria revision process are as follow:

CEPH welcome specific comments that help achieve these aims.

In January, the Council received and considered over 200 comments from more than 35 individuals and organizations. Many of the comments focused on similar areas. Based on the comments received, it appears that there is relative consensus on many of the criteria. In the draft currently open for comment:

The Council suggests that this round, and subsequent rounds of comments, focus on the criteria printed in blue. CEPH will continue to accept comments on any component of the draft, in case criteria printed in green can benefit from additional insights.