Partner News

Partner News

CEPH’s Small-group Online Consultation Sessions

As CEPH-accredited schools and programs continue to work on the compliance report (due by January 9, 2018), CEPH staff members are offering feedback and technical assistance via small-group online consultations between August and October. These consultations are designed primarily for schools and programs undergoing Compliance Report Option A.

Each consultation will include up to eight school or program participants (multiple representatives from one school/program are welcome to participate). The consultations will provide institutions with the opportunity to receive detailed, in-depth feedback from CEPH staff and to share ideas and strategies with other schools and programs. The registration fee is $75 per school/program.

Each participant school or program must submit a draft of the compliance report (can be an early/rough draft) one week before the session along with the registration fee.

The small-group online consultation schedule follows:

Interested small-group online consultation registrants may contact Ms. Kristen Varol ( with the participant’s top three preferred dates.