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Colorado: Childhood Obesity Creates Organ Health Complications, Even Before Adulthood

In a review of health complications resulting from childhood obesity, however, Dr. Stephen R. Daniels, epidemiologist at the Colorado School of Public Health and pediatrician at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado, found that organ problems were frequently apparent long before adulthood.

Dr. Stephen Daniels
[Photo: Dr. Stephen Daniels]

They include high blood pressure; insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes; high blood levels of heart-damaging triglycerides; low levels of protective high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol; nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; obstructive sleep apnea; asthma; and excess stress on the musculoskeletal system resulting in abnormal bone development, knee and hip pain, and difficulty walking.

The data, taken together, shows an alarming need to address weight gain in young children, which must be done by parents or guardians, who control how much a child eats, plays, and exercises.

Article here.