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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Columbia: Dr. Andrea Baccarelli Honored by City of Perugia, Italy for Achievements in Epigenetics

Dr. Andrea Baccarelli, chair and Leon Hess Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, received the Baiocco D’oro Award from the city of Perugia, Italy. The award is given each year to one individual who has brought distinction to the city. Dr. Baccarelli, who did his medical education in Perugia, was recognized for his worldwide reputation in the field of epigenetics and his research on the molecular mechanisms that connect exposures to environmental chemicals to human disease. The award reads: “Dr. Baccarelli’s skills, his constant commitment to his work, and the important results achieved to date are — for the community of the city of Perugia — a source of pride and gratitude.”

Dr. Baccarelli studies disease risk related to environmental exposures across the life-course, investigating the environmental effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals, particulate air pollution, metals, flame-retardants, and pesticides. His landmark findings in the application of epigenetics to environmental health and epidemiologic research, have expanded the epigenetic toolkit, documenting effects of environmental exposures — from air pollution to stress — on histones, microRNA, and DNA methylation. He is lead investigator on numerous grants and contributes expertise to collaborators in multiple funded projects.