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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Columbia Regional Learning Center Enhances the Readiness of the Public Health Emergency Response System

The Columbia Regional Learning Center (CRLC) at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) enhances the readiness of the public health emergency response system, encompassing public and private sector institutions and workforces. The CRLC has a particular focus on supporting the public health emergency preparedness and response capabilities and competencies of the local and state public health agencies in the greater New York metropolitan region, and is very engaged in developing and facilitating regional solutions to response and recovery needs. The CRLC is guided by the expertise of the NCDP, Columbia University faculty, and nationally known subject matter experts. The learning center provides both web-based and in-person training sessions for public health workers and other responders. These trainings are designed to help public health workers master the skills and knowledge – and demonstrate the competencies – that they will need in a public health emergency. Access to free online certificate courses and training resources are available at:

Dr. Irwin Redlener, professor of health policy and management at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, heads NCDP at Columbia’s Earth Institute. NCDP senior faculty has appointments in the Mailman School of Public Health’s departments of Health Policy and Management and Sociomedical Sciences.

The NCDP will be tweeting about preparedness about throughout the month of September. To follow them on twitter and other social media platforms, visit: