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Member Research & Reports

CUNY Faculty Investigates an Experiential Education for Dietetics Students

Dr. Ann Gaba, professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy and colleagues examined an experiential education for dietetics students to promote an understanding of diabetes management challenges. The findings were published in Topics in Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Ann Gaba
[Photo: Dr. Ann Gaba]

This study examined the impact of an experiential learning project for dietetics students on attitudes toward diabetes management. A questionnaire was used to compare attitudes before and after the project. A control class also received the questionnaire. Pre- and post-survey results diverged between the two groups. To further examine the impact of the experimental team, the research team conducted a content analysis on student journals submitted for the experiential project. The barriers to following the planned diabetes management regimen that emerged from the content analysis were similar to issues reported in the literature from people with diabetes.