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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

CUNY Professor to Serve as International Systems and Translational Science Scholar

Professor Dr. Terry Huang of the CUNY School of Public Health will serve as international systems and translational science scholar with three Australian organizations: Victoria Health Department, The Australian Prevention Partnership Center, and Deakin University.


The State of Victoria Department of Health and Human Services has been on the cutting edge of developing systems change and collective impact initiatives to address community health. The Australia Prevention Partnership Center is a national resource and research center co-funded by several levels of government and the private sector to converge relevant stakeholders to develop innovative and evidence-based strategies to transform Australia’s preventive health via a systems science platform. Deakin University is one of the fastest growing universities in Australia and has several new initiatives focused on systems change and translational research, including a novel strategic research center on social and emotional development among children.

Professor Huang will provide his translational systems science expertise to all three organizations via lectures, workshops, research, publications and other consultancy activities.