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Member Research & Reports

Dartmouth: Invitation for Schools and Programs of Public Health to Participate in a Research Project on Health Policy Attitudes of MPH Students

Researchers at Dartmouth have created a new research initiative called the Survey on Health Policy Attitudes and Views (SOHPAV), and are recruiting schools and programs of public health who would like to distribute it to their MPH students. The survey asks students about their general attitudes (e.g., worldview, ethical beliefs, optimism) and their specific views on particular issues (payment models, health insurance, drug pricing, gene editing, and more). The goals are to help programs understand their students better, and to help the policy community understand what proposals currently have support among tomorrow’s healthcare leaders. To have the survey fielded to students in your school or program, write to: There is no cost to participate, and each participating institution will receive a report with its own results as well as the overall report with aggregated results.