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Partner News

de Beaumont Foundation: Public Health Workforce Interest and Needs Survey (PH WINS)

The Public Health Workforce Interest and Needs Survey (PH WINS) is the first nationally representative survey of the governmental public health workforce. Just about every article in the newly released PH WINS supplement from the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice starts out this way, so I feel like a broken record doing the same. But it’s really important – the reason the de Beaumont Foundation started PH WINS is that there was so little information available about the nation’s public health workers. Without these passionate, committed, highly skilled people, we would have no public health system. So if we want to improve health in this country, we need to know what these professionals think, what they know, and what they need. Here are some things we learned in the latest round of PH WINS:

We launched PH WINS in 2014 because we didn’t know enough about the workforce, and we wanted to do everything we could to build up this critical resource. After conducting our second survey, the implications for policy and practice are clear. We need to invest in the governmental public health workforce in ways that increase its ability to represent the population it serves, keeps passionate public health workers wanting to stay in the field, gives them the training and development they need, pays them equitably, supports their ability to influence the social determinants of health, and fosters their creativity and innovation.

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