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Design & Health Research Consortium: Request for Qualifications

About the AIA Design & Health Research Consortium

The AIA Design & Health Research Consortium is a joint project of Architects Foundation, The American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), conceived to advance university-led research in the area of design and health. The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) provides additional support and guidance for the project.

The Consortium currently includes 11 multi-disciplinary, university-led teams who are independently and collaboratively working at the intersection of design and public health. Over three years, Architects Foundation and its partners will provide capacity building opportunities, communications support, and networking opportunities among other benefits to member teams in support of the Consortium’s three goals:

Teams must be multi-disciplinary and university-led, with either an ACSA or ASPPH member serving as the Applying Entity.

Request for Qualifications: Design & Health

Architects Foundation, AIA, and ACSA seek four to six eligible teams to join the second cohort of the AIA’s Design & Health Research Consortium. Requirements for application to the Consortium outlined in this RFQ are similar to those outlined in the first year, and include: an emphasis on multi-disciplinary teams, an ASPPH or ACSA partner as the Applying Entity, and demonstrated alignment with the AIA’s Six Approaches to Achieving Health through Built Environment Design & Policy (“Six Approaches”). However, under the direction of the AIA’s Design & Health Leadership Group (DHLG), the requirements have been modified to promote and accelerate the translation of research into practice.

New requirements include: demonstrated proof of partnership with multi-disciplinary partners, a letter of support from the local AIA chapter, and a discussion of how the team will provide support for the translation and dissemination of research beyond academic journals, conferences, and networks.

Submissions are due Friday, October 16 by 11:59 p.m. PDT. Applications will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary Review Panel including representatives from the DHLG, Architects Foundation, ACSA, and ASPPH. Applicants invited to join the second cohort will be notified in early December.

Schools will be able to submit qualifications online beginning Tuesday, September 1. Submissions should include:

The full request for qualifications can be found here.