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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

East Tennessee Professor Elected President of International Professional Society

Dr. Kurt Maier, professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Health at East Tennessee State University’s College of Public Health, has been elected to serve as president of an international organization.


[Photo: Dr. Kurt Maier]

Starting in 2017, Dr. Maier will serve in the leadership role for the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), a nonprofit, global professional society with approximately 6,000 members.

SETAC was established to provide a forum for individuals and institutions engaged in the study, analysis, management and solution of environmental problems. Its mission is to support the development of principles and practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity.

The organization promotes the advancement and application of scientific research related to contaminants and other stressors in the environment, education in the environmental sciences and the use of science in environmental policy and decision making. SETAC provides a forum where scientists, managers and other professionals exchange information and ideas for the development and use of multidisciplinary scientific principles and practices leading to sustainable environment quality.

In his role as president of SETAC, Dr. Maier will strengthen the international reach of SETAC and continue the Society’s well-established history of addressing environmental issues using science-based methods and objectivity.

“It is an exciting time to have the opportunity to lead SETAC. The global challenges that we face focused on maintaining environmental integrity and sustainability are issues that SETAC strives to address,” Dr. Maier said. “These challenges can only be addressed through international collaborations, and using evidence-based solutions. I look forward to leading SETAC as the Society moves forward in addressing these challenges.”

Dr. Maier’s expertise is in aquatic ecotoxicology, focused on the fate and effects of chemicals in freshwater ecosystems. He is a 28-year member of SETAC and has served in a variety of roles with the organization prior to being elected president of the organization. He is currently the SETAC vice president.