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Member Research & Reports

East Tennessee Publishes on Prescription Drug Abuse

Drs. Randy Wykoff, Rob Pack, and Ms. Olivia Egen have published an editorial in the American Journal of Public Health titled “The 12 P’s of the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic.”  The editorial comments on the uneven distribution of the opioid epidemic elucidated by an article in the same journal, “Opioid Prescribing Rates by Congressional Districts, United States, 2016,” authored by Drs. Lyndsey Rolheiser, Jack Cordes, and S.V. Subramanian.

Predatory promotion, profligate prescribing, physical pain, psychologic pathology, punishment policies, pervasive poverty

While commenting on the importance of the article’s perspective in providing elected officials a comparison with other districts, the editorial primarily focuses on the complex social, economic, and historical conditions that have led to differences in opioid prescribing rates.  The 12 P’s (listed) name pharmaceutical marketing practices, increased emphasis on treatment of pain, chronic injury, job displacement, incarceration, and household income as a framework to employ a comprehensive, community-based collaborative intervention.

The authors encourage increased understanding and conversation about the importance of supporting local collaborative action as well as appropriate distribution of resources to support these efforts.

Drs. Wykoff and Pack serve as Dean and Associate Dean, respectively, of the East Tennessee State University College of Public Health.  Ms. Olivia Egen is a doctoral student in the college’s Department of Community and Behavioral Health.