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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Emory: Amita Manatunga Named Donna J. Brogan Professor in Biostatistics

Dr. Amita Manatunga, has been named as the inaugural Donna J. Brogan Professor in Biostatistics. This endowed professorship recognizes Manatunga’s excellence in teaching and research — particularly as it relates to the field of biostatistics — and honors the legacy of Dr. Donna Jean Brogan, emerita professor.

“Being named as the Donna J. Brogan Professor is personally gratifying and deeply meaningful to me,” says Dr. Manatunga. “Donna is a mentor and a colleague who I have long admired and respected. She is a wonderful role model in light of her extensive contributions to the advancement of the careers of women, her scholarship, and her honesty and integrity. It is incredible to be a part of her legacy in this way.”

This is the first named professorship in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics other than the Rollins Professorship, which is designated for the chair of the department.  Aside from recognizing Dr. Brogan’s illustrious career, this named professorship also serves to commemorate the contributions women have made to biostatistics, a field where women have historically been underrepresented. Dr. Brogan is also hopeful it will also help to attract more exceptional people to the field (particularly women), like Dr. Amita Manatunga.

“Amita is a good fit for the named professorship because of her excellence in all aspects of a model biostatistics career,” says Dr. Brogan, referencing Dr. Manatunga’s methodological research, collaborative research, teaching, service, and mentoring. “Her selection is a well-deserved acknowledgement of her past and ongoing contributions to the field.”

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