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Partner News

EPA’s Smoke Sense Mobile App is Updated for 2018

The Smoke Sense project combines the power of crowdsourcing with digital technology to reduce the public health burden during wildfire smoke episodes. Individuals can participate in the study by using the Smoke Sense mobile app to learn about wildland fires and smoke health risks in their area. They can also report health symptoms they experience and what actions they would be willing to take to lower their exposure. It is also an educational tool and information resource designed to increase people’s awareness of the health impact of smoke and encourage people to take action to protect themselves.

Based on our evaluation of the pilot and feedback we received from users and interested groups, we have made several updates that we think improve the mobile app. These changes include a user interface upgrades as well as added modules, which engage in learning about smoke exposure and thinking about health.

Read the conversation with lead scientist, Dr. Ana Rappold, here.

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