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ASPPH Presents: The Triple Aim of Health Equity

The opportunity to be healthy is not equally available everywhere or for everyone in our society because the major determinants of health (the physical, economic and social environments in which many people live) are not conducive to health. To address those determinants, public health must change how it does its work. Emanating from the Institute of Medicine definition of public health as “what we do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy,” public health needs to learn how to not only treat people in the context of their environment but actually change the living conditions in which people live. This will require skills that most public health agencies lack. The Triple Aim of Health Equity has been developed to address that deficiency. The Triple Aim of Health Equity was developed around the theory of change that to change living conditions public health will need to organize the narrative about health, the resources needed to advance health equity, and the people who will advance a health equity agenda. During this webinar, Dr. Ehlinger discusses the Triple Aim of Health Equity and how it can be used to advance health equity and optimal health for all.