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BU Annual Cathy Shine Lecture: “Barely Covered: Underinsurance and Its Impact on Access to Care”

The Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights presents the annual Cathy Shine lecture. The lectureship honors the memory of Ms. Cathy Shine and her dedication to the rights of all those in need of care. Before her death in 1992, Ms. Shine authored a book on race-based discrimination in criminal justice proceedings, Does the Punishment Fit the Crime, published by The Sentencing Project. Ms. Shine and her family formed a bond with BUSPH Professor Dr. George Annas, director of the center, who recounted Shine’s experience in arguing for the rights of patients to refuse restraints in a highly regarded article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Speaker Ms. Emily Friedman is an independent writer, lecturer, photographer, and health policy and ethics analyst based in Chicago. She is contributing editor of Hospitals & Health Networks and contributing writer for the Journal of the American Medical Association, Health Progress, and other periodicals. Friedman also writes a regular column for Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

She is most noted for her work in health policy, healthcare reform initiatives, rationing of health services, healthcare trends, insurance and coverage issues, the social ethics of healthcare, ethics issues for providers and leaders, care for the underserved, population health improvement, health care history, population demographics and their implications for health care, the lessons to be learned from international health care systems, and the relationship of society with its health care system.

Ms. Friedman has written more than 800 articles and editorials in the past 38 years.Among her current projects are a history of health care in the state of Minnesota; a long-term study on the rebuilding of the Cambodian health care system after its destruction in the 1970s; and an examination of attacks on hospitals, their staffs, and their patients around the world.
To read more about the event, go to: http://www.bu.edu/sph/news-events/signature-events/cathy-shine-lecture/cathy-shine-lecture-2016/