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BU Dean’s Seminar: Health, Politics, and Planned Parenthood

In 1917, Planned Parenthood was founded on the visionary idea that access to sexual and reproductive health care could changes people’s lives. One hundred years later, in 2017, Planned Parenthood is under attack like never before. Learn how PPLM and its advocacy arm are defending access to care and working to transform Massachusetts into a national leader on these issues. Walk away from the seminar with information about how you can get involved and stand with Planned Parenthood in the fights ahead. This event is co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.


Dr. Jennifer Childs-Roshak, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Ms. Nikki Goldschein, Community Organizer, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Ms. Zohar Preminger, Advocate and Patient

Thursday, March 2, 1-2 p.m.

Live-streaming available: http://www.bu.edu/sph/news-events/sph-live/

To learn more about the event, go to: http://www.bu.edu/sph/news-events/signature-events/deans-seminar-series-on-contemporary-issues-in-public-health/deans-seminar-series-on-contemporary-issues-in-public-health-2016-2017/health-politics-and-planned-parenthood/