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BU: Free Webinar Event on “Equity, Autonomy and Substance Use Disorder: Lifecourse Considerations for Pregnant and Parenting People” | Wednesday, February 5

Join us on Wednesday, February 5 from 12:00-1:15 p.m. Eastern for the webinar, “Equity, Autonomy and Substance Use Disorder (SUD): Lifecourse Considerations for Pregnant and Parenting People” hosted by the Centers of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health, Boston University School of Public Health and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Pregnant and parenting people who grapple with substance use disorder often face a steep drop off in care after delivery. The webinar is a call to action to employ a life course approach in the care and treatment of substance use disorder (SUD). Employing principles of racial and health equity, social welfare justice, and the life course perspective, the webinar will address: (1) what we do and do not know about long-term treatment of SUD for pregnant and parenting people; (2) stigma and structural barriers to care; (3) exemplary treatment and management models for other conditions (such as postpartum depression and chronic illness) that can inform life-course care for SUD; and (4) promising policies and programs to guide the work of clinicians, addiction specialists, and maternal and child health practitioners.

The webinar will be of special interest to Title V and other maternal and child health practitioners, pediatric professionals, addiction treatment and prevention specialists, and those interested in racial equity, reproductive justice, and social and family welfare.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Mishka Terplan: Board certified OBGYN and Associate Director of Addiction Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Kimá Joy Taylor: Board certified pediatrician and founder of Anka Consulting LLC
Dr. Lois McCloskey: Associate Professor and Director, Center of Excellence in MCH, Boston University School of Public Health