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Children’s Environmental Health Day: October 12

Children’s Environmental Health (CEH) Day, will be held on October 12.  Please help us raise awareness about the need to protect all children from known environmental hazards. We invite you to join us in the Movement to Take Action for Children by “endorsing” CEH Day, and consider specific actions you and your school can take on October 12. Those partners that sign up will receive additional information and resources on steps you can take to place children at the center of all that we do.

Today’s children face an epidemic of illness and chronic diseases linked to environmental exposures and our changing climate. There is an urgent need to put children and families back into the forefront of our nation’s actions regarding health and environment. All working in the field of children’s environmental health, and public health at large, must rally and work together to meet this need; to raise awareness and understanding about the critical issues facing our most precious resources; and to mobilize action.

Get your school involved in this crucial effort! Learn more about CEH Day at http://cehn.org/join-us/cehday/.