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Columbia 23rd Annual Granville H. Sewell Lecture in Environmental Health Sciences

For the 23rd consecutive year, a leading figure in Environmental Health Sciences will deliver a major lecture at the Mailman School in honor of the late Professor Granville H. Sewell. On April 20th, Dr. Ian H. von Lindern, Executive Director, TerraGraphics International Foundation, will present the 23rd annual Sewell lecture on “Encephalopathy, Death, or IQ:  Disparity in Environmental Remediation Response Criteria for Childhood Lead Poisoning in Low- and High-Income Countries.” His talk will explore how chemicals in the environment can affect our bodies much in the same way as medicines, but with unwanted effects.

TerraGraphics International Foundation (TIFO) assists communities, governments, universities, and other NGOs to develop remediation projects for reducing human health risks associated with environmental contaminants. TIFO, which also specializes in exposure prevention, provides training and education to develop local expertise and build local capacity. Training future environmental leaders in affected communities is a foundation of its projects.

Inaugurated in 1993 by the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, the annual Granville H. Sewell Distinguished Lecture honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of environmental health sciences. The lecture series was established in memory of Dr. Granville Sewell, who directed the educational programs in environmental health sciences at Columbia for more than 20 years. Dr. Sewell was internationally recognized for his great contributions in the critical area of water supply in developing countries.

The lecture will be held April 20th at 4:00 p.m. in Alumni Auditorium on the Columbia University Medical School campus. A reception will follow.

Talks are also broadcast live online. Participate using #FuturePublicHealth on Twitter. For more information visit: Grand Rounds 2015-16.