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Columbia Explores the Role of Aging in Society at Town Hall Event

By 2030, almost 20 percent of the U.S. population will be 65 and over, but are we ready for this severe demographic shift? Mailman School of Public Health Dean Linda P. Fried, MD, MPH, and Dan Perry, founder and past president, Alliance for Aging Research, will share perspectives on the new frontier of an aging population at a town hall event titled “The New Age of Aging: Are Longer Lives a Good Thing?” at Columbia’s Mailman School.

Together, they will dive into research on the effects of aging on societies, how aging is perceived today, and the future of aging…what will today’s younger people experience when they are old?

Such a large group of seniors comes with enormous implications, from unfamiliar family dynamics to unanticipated healthcare costs to an uncertain job market. An aging population means more chronic disease, greater expenses for care and more stress for caregivers.  At the same time, if older adults remain healthy, their knowledge, experience, and will to make a difference could be deployed to meet unmet needs in leadership, child care, and education.

Many of these themes were touched upon in an article Dean Fried recently wrote for The Atlantic with support from the MetLife Foundation Silver Scholar Award,® which isadministered by the Alliance for Aging Research, an organization dedicated to improving the experience of aging and health.Fried was the Silver Scholar recipient in 2012 for her innovative work in producing scholarship aimed at increasing understanding of the value of healthy life after 65.

Fried and Perry will offer insights on the new frontier of an aging population before a live audience of students, faculty and other attendees as well as a global audience. Watch the Livestream here.

What: “The New Age of Aging: Are Longer Lives a Good Thing?” A Town Hall Event with
Mailman School Dean Linda P. Fried and Dan Perry, founder,
Alliance for Aging Research

Where: Columbia University Medical Center, Black Building, Alumni Auditorium, 650 West 168th Street, NYC