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Faith, Activity, and Nutrition (FAN) Training on September 29

The University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center is offering training to churches interested in the Faith, Activity, and Nutrition (FAN) program!

Saturday, September 29
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
LRADAC Training and Education Center 
2711 Colonial Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 
Free onsite parking

FAN is designed to help churches create a healthy church environment that supports physical activity and healthy eating. FAN is not an exercise program or a cooking class. Instead, the goal of FAN is to reach the entire congregation by creating a church environment where members regularly see and hear health messages and have healthier options available.

FAN encourages churches to increase physical activity and healthy eating among members using four key strategies:

  • Increase opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating in the church setting (e.g. tasty, healthy meals & snacks for church events)
  • Create healthy church guidelines and practices
  • Keep the Pastor engaged and excited about FAN goals
  • Get health messages out to church members through familiar channels (e.g., bulletin inserts, announcements, messages during worship service)

A one-day FAN training session is being offered for churches that are interested in starting FAN in their church. Interested churches must form a 3-5 member committee to attend the training and put the program in place. The Pastor is strongly encouraged to attend.

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