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Georgia Southern: PLOS ONE Health Inequities and Disparities Research Call for Papers

PLOS ONE is proud to launch a call for research papers on health and health care inequities and disparities.

An interdisciplinary approach – combining all relevant disciplines in the field of public health – will be used to: 1) examine the relative health experiences and outcomes for populations subject to health or healthcare disparities, and the socioeconomic patterning of health worldwide; 2) evaluate risk factors and etiologies related to observed health inequalities/disparities, especially in regard to noncommunicable diseases ; and 3) study new or existing interventions – particularly for non-infectious diseases – to improve health equity.

These studies will collectively aim to inform local, national, and international initiatives to reduce and, ultimately, to eliminate health disparities.

Dr. Joseph Telfair, associate dean of practice and research of the Georgia Southern University Jian-Ping Hsu College of Public Health of  is one of the guest editors.

This is an excellent opportunity for you and those in our communities to share diverse work on this critical and timely issue. We are hoping for a wide reach and large submission of excellent papers.

We hope you, your colleagues will consider submitting, as well sharing widely locally, nationally and globally.