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Harvard and Huffington Post Webcast: Hormone-Altering Chemicals: Fertility and Health Implications

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and The Huffington Post will jointly present a free, live ForumHSPH.org webcast, Hormone-Altering Chemicals: Fertility and Health Implications, Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 12:30-1:30pm ET. Pregnancy and fetal development represent an especially sensitive life stage that may be uniquely vulnerable to the effects of endocrine disruptors, and now, with the passage of a major overhaul of the Toxic Controlled Substances Act—the first such update in 40 years—the EPA has new power to review chemical safety and protect biologically vulnerable groups like women and children. What do we know about endocrine disruptors and their impact on reproduction, fertility and pregnancy? How do racial and ethnic differences influence our exposure to these chemicals and their impacts, and how can policymakers work to minimize their proliferation? In this Forum, scientists will come together with policy experts to discuss the latest research on endocrine disruptors, risk management and recommendations for regulation. Expert participants will include Dr. Russ Hauser, Frederick Lee Hisaw Professor of Reproductive Physiology; Acting Chair, Department of Environmental Health, Harvard Chan School; Dr. Tamarra James-Todd, Mark and Catherine Winkler Assistant Professor of Environmental Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology, Harvard Chan School; Ms. Nneka Leiba, Deputy Director of Research, Environmental Working Group; and Dr. Pete Myers, Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist, Environmental Health Sciences. The moderator will be Erin Schumaker, Senior Healthy Living Editor, The Huffington Post. Watch the webcast at ForumHSPH.org. E-mail questions for the expert participants any time before or during the live webcast to theforum@hsph.harvard.edu. Or Tweet them to @ForumHSPH using #toxinsA live chat will be conducted on The Forum’s Hormone-Altering Chemicals web page. The Forum will accommodate as many questions as possible during a limited Q&A. If time does not allow for us to ask your question, we encourage you to continue the conversation by posting comments on our website at ForumHSPH.org. The webcast is part of: The Andelot Series on Current Science Controversies.

Hormone-Altering Chemicals: Fertility and Health Implications