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Harvard and NBC News Digital: Breakthroughs in Disease Treatment: The Landscape Moving Forward

Breakthroughs in Disease Treatment: The Landscape Moving Forward

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and NBC News Digital will jointly present a free, live ForumHSPH.org  webcast, “Breakthroughs in Disease Treatment: The Landscape Moving Forward,”

Monday, November 6, noon – 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Precision medicine. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The opioid crisis. These are all areas that stand to benefit from boosted federal funding. On the other hand, other areas may take a hit — immunizations, preparedness for outbreaks and epidemics, and chronic disease prevention programs to name a few. And where does the support for basic research that drives innovation fit in? In this Forum, a panel of experts will explore the promises for advancing cutting-edge treatments and research to prevent diseases that affect millions – while looking at the implications for areas where funding may be reduced. What lies ahead in the landscape for the future of medical research? Expert participants will include Dr. Howard Bauchner, Editor in Chief, Journal of the American Medical Association; Dr. Barry Bloom, Research Professor of Public Health and Former Dean, Harvard Chan School; Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society; and Dr. Julie Gerberding, Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy, and Population Health at Merck, and Former CDC Director. Moderator will be Mr. David Freeman, Editorial Director, NBC News MACH. Watch at ForumHSPH.org. E-mail questions for the expert participants any time before or during the live webcast to theforum@hsph.harvard.edu. Or Tweet them to @ForumHSPH using #researchWe also will stream live on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Forumhsph/  We’ll also be conducting a live chat on The Forum’s Breakthroughs in Disease Treatment  web page. The Forum will accommodate as many questions as we can during a limited Q&A. If time does not allow for us to ask your question, we encourage you to continue the conversation by posting comments on our website at ForumHSPH.org. The webcast is part of: The Andelot Series on Current Science Controversies.