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Hofstra: What Every Kid and Teen Needs to Know About the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Multiple Dates

Hofstra University MPH Program associate professor of public health and infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Santella, is offering several live webinars for children and teens to learn about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for the next several weeks. The webinar uses age appropriate and medically accurate information to explain: what is public health, how viruses work, what is the novel coronavirus and why/where did it start, who is at risk for this illness, signs/symptoms of being ill, how to stay healthy and prevent spread of the illness, and addresses commonly asked questions from kids about staying home, socializing with friends and family, and pets. Each session includes a live question and answer period.

Use the links below to register for a webinar. Click “select a date” on either page to see all dates.

What Every Elementary and Middle School Student Needs to Know about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What Every High School Student Needs to Know about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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