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How Healthy Could a State Be?

The author, Dr. David Kindig will discuss how states might expect their mortality rates to be lowered if they obtained the best levels of health determinants observed among all states.  He will discuss the major areas requiring investment if these goals are to be met and address how states will require different investment strategies depending on their pattern of modifiable and nonmodifiable determinants.

In his accompanying commentary, Dr. Daniel Fox will discuss the epidemiology of politics; principles and practices by which senior public officials reduce their risk of losing office.

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  • Featured Speakers

    David A Kindig, MD, PhD

    Emeritus Professor of Population Health Sciences Emeritus Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences University of Wisconsin/Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

    Commentary: The Politics of Achievable Mortality

    Daniel M. Fox, PhD

    President Emeritus of the Milbank Memorial Fund, New York City, New York