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Iowa: Mental Health and Suicide Risk in Midwest Agricultural Communities

Current weather and economic conditions have been placing significant stresses on farmers across rural Iowa, which may threaten the health and welfare our agricultural communities. You are invited to learn more about mental health and suicide risk in Midwestern agricultural communities. Topics covered include common stressors, where farmers seek help, and common community members who come into contact with agricultural workers.

You will also learn about emerging resources that provide non-judgmental emotional support for members of Midwestern agricultural communities and meet others who are investing in improved mental health outcomes in rural Iowa.

Sponsored by the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health and CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank

Co-Presenters from GPCAH

Dr. Jenna Gibbs, MPH, PhD, Great Plains Center Coordinator, and

Dr. Rima Afifi, MPH, PhD, Community and Behavioral Health Department Chair, University of Iowa

Presenter from CommUnity

Ms. Colleen McRoberts, Crisis Services Coordinator


Jean Schwab Auditorium, Coralville Public Library

1401 5th St

Coralville, IA 52241

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