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Johns Hopkins: Richard Besser, President and CEO Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to Speak at Bloomberg School

Former chief resident in Pediatrics Dr. Richard Besser returns to Hopkins for the first time in his new role as head of the largest private foundation in the country devoted solely to improving the nation’s health. Drawing on his tenure at the Centers for Disease Control and his role in communicating medical news as Chief Health and Medical Editor for ABC News, Dr. Besser will share insights into how he intends to pursue his work at RWJF.

Dean’s Invited Lecture: “Changing How America Thinks About Health”

Richard Besser, MD

President and CEO, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Wednesday, March 28

1:00 – 2:00 PM

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

615 N. Wolfe Street

Sheldon Hall (W1214)

Baltimore, MD 21205