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NCSE National Conference and Global Forum on Integrating Environment and Health

17th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment

Washington, DC

The mission of NCSE is to advance and inform environmental policy and decisionmaking through science.  Now in its 17th year, the NCSE Conference will address the critical, complex, and interconnected issues of environment and health.

Join over 1,000 leaders in science, technology, government, business, civil society, and education to consider cutting-edge issues, explore new technologies and best practices, identify research priorities, and recommend solutions for policy and practice. Please view the agenda here.


For more information and to view the agenda, please visit: http://www.NCSEConference.org/

Featured topics include: 

· Environmental Justice

· Children’s Health

· Climate Change/Extreme Weather

· Interdisciplinary Research

· Agriculture/Food Safety

· Water and Sanitation

· College Education

· Campus Engagement

· Human-Built Environment

· Degraded Ecosystems

· Animal-Human Interactions/One Health

· Toxic Substances

· Green Chemistry

· Innovative Programs

· Gulf Coast

· Risk Assessment

· Epigenetic Studies

· Infectious/Communicable Diseases

· Endocrine Disruptors/Non-Communicable Diseases

· Public Education/Science Literacy

· Microbiomes