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NYU Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square: Criminal Justice Reform

On Monday, April 24, The College of Global Public Health at New York University (NYU) and NYU-D.C. will co-host the next Weissberg Forum on Criminal Justice Reform. The Weissberg Forum frames and conducts difficult dialogues that are informed, rigorous, and civil, the sort of conversation and debate that academic institutions are intended to promote. This spring, the fifth Annual Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square will focus on criminal justice reform.

The United States has less than five percent of the world’s total population yet almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population. One in 35 adults in this country are under some form of correctional control, which includes jails, prisons, parole and probation. The last year has seen an increasing debate over incarceration numbers, questions as to whether current policies and politics unfairly target minorities, contribute to rising costs, and whether sufficient support is accessible for rehabilitation and reentry of the population into American society.

Among the questions the Forum will explore are: What reforms are necessary to make our communities safe while treating all people fairly? How can we make the system more cost-effective? And what can be done to commute unfair sentencing and overturn mandatory minimum laws that remain in effect throughout the country?

The event also includes a screening of the highly-acclaimed new documentary by Mr. Bill Moyers, Rikers: An American Jail, which brings you face to face with men and women who have endured incarceration at Riker’s Island.

The Keynote Address will be done by Mr. Glenn E. Martin who is the president and founder of JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA).

Our panelists include:

Ms. Rachel Barkow, Segal Family Professor of Regulatory Law and Policy; Faculty Director, Center on the Administration of Criminal Law, NYU Law
Mr. Michael Bosworth, Senior Fellow, NYU Law
Dr. Ernest Drucker, Professor, NYU College of Global Public Health
Dr. Kirk A. James, Clinical Assistant Professor, NYU School of Social Work

For those in the DC area, please join us in person by registering at this link- http://bit.ly/2o01pIB

We will also be livestreamingWeissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square: Criminal Justice Reformon: http://bit.ly/1bGRHBf

Location: NYU Washington, DC – Abramson Family Auditorium