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Penn State Public Health Sciences Hosts 3rd Annual Public Health Day Symposium

The Department of Public Health Sciences will host its 3rd Annual Penn State Public Health Day Symposium on Monday, May 9th from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at the Central Penn College Conference Center located in Summerdale, PA.

Public Health Day provides students, faculty, community stakeholders and health care system representatives with a professional networking experience and highlights best practices in research and public health.  The event is intended to showcase public health and the role of students and practicing professionals in the future of the field.

The theme of this year’s event is Public Health Law and Implications for Practice, and is geared towards helping students and professionals alike describe the role of law in public health policy and implementation; identify potential legal issues with public health initiatives; explore the intersection of public health law and population health outcomes; and broaden the range of stakeholders to include when developing and implementing public health policies and laws.  Ms. Lindsay Wiley, Associate Professor of Law at American University, will provide this year’s keynote address.

Other highlights from the schedule include remarks from the Pennsylvania Physician General, Dr. Rachel Levine, Deans of Dickinson College of Law and Penn State College of Medicine, and Director of the Geneia Institute.  Breakout session topics include medical/legal partnerships, the global health approach to the refugee crisis, and human trafficking.  A poster session and silent auction will be featured again this year along with a panel discussion on public health implications of the opioid problem at the local and national levels.  The closing plenary session on the power of law in public health will feature speaker Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Training at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The audience will represent a mix of local and regional attendees.  Attendees from former symposiums included the Pennsylvania Department of Health, other state organizations, local health departments, federal agencies, professional organizations, nonprofits, various campuses of Penn State University, other universities, corporations, health systems, health insurance organizations, legislative representatives, and students from several institutions.

This year’s Penn State Public Health Day Symposium is held in collaboration among Penn State Public Health Sciences, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Penn State Dickinson Schools of Law, the Mid Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center, and The Geneia Institute.

For more information or to register for the event, contact PennStatePublicHealth@phs.pus.edu or visit http://www2.med.psu.edu/phs/3rd-annual-penn-state-public-health-day-symposium/. Registration closes May 2.