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Planning for a Pandemic – Can History Inform Action?

The PHR Meet the Author Webcast series brings together public health historians and practitioners to connect the U.S. experience of the 1918 flu pandemic to the ongoing practice issues facing influenza preparedness planning.
The program will address cutting-edge questions including:

  • How did diverse communities and local leaders respond to the 1918 flu?
  • How can these responses inform contemporary planning?
  • How are these lessons being applied to inform the U.S. response to H1N1?
  • What are the implications for planning at the local level, both in urban and rural America?

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  • Featured Speakers

    Howard Markel, MD, PhD

    George E. Wantz Professor of The History of Medicine, University of Michigan

    Alexandra Stern, PhD

    Zina Pitcher Collegiate Professor in The History Of Medicine, University Of Michigan

    Marty Cetron, MD

    Director of the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention